Powermine is a community pool, with the main goal being to play DAPPs collectively for the benefit of everyone in the group. By pooling our resources and knowledge and being time efficient, we can be a benefit for our members without all the hassle involved.

The DAPP space

The DAPP space is very young and as such it involves high-risk and high-reward opportunities. Most newcomers to this industry feel confused at first and make many mistakes. Our pool has a lot of experience in this high-risk environment, which helps in minimizing the costly mistakes that lesser experienced users are frequently prone to, while maximizing the potential.


Constantly being up to date in an ever changing industry like DAPPs is almost impossible unless you spend a significant amount of daily time doing the necessary research for it, by being a member and holder of the PMINE club you get exposure to many DAPP's without having to spend hours of your time which would be better spent elsewhere. Our experienced pool are able to identify which might be great gaming opportunities and stay away from those which would likely be not worthwhile, or simply be a waste of our time and energy.


Another benefit of being a PMINE member is pooling together to become more efficient, since most DAPPs have bonuses like leaderboards which only larger whales can take advantage of and get an overall better outcome by not having to spend as much energy/token mined (this example is for TRON DAPPs).

Diversification and Research Efficiency

Pooling together allows for an even greater diversification, which overall reduces the risk of singular DAPPs , additionally having a well researched and diversified game variety gives each member better odds of success in the long-term.

Which DAPPs will be mined?

We currently mostly choose to play TRON DAPPs as they have the most active users, volume and benefits, however we are open to, and play others including IOST, ICON, EOS, ETH, BSV, WAVES, and WAX.


We recognize that playing gaming DAPPs although a good short term benefit , these platforms are often short lived,and once the issued tokens reach certain levels of dilution they die out. The big players disappear and the tokens you end up with are for the most part worthless, which is why benefit scenarios have to always be considered before such event can happen or you would end up in a loss from playing that DAPP. If played correctly, and with due diligence, some of these can be very satisfying.
So while gaming DAPPs are great short-term, there is a need to build the clubs game selection from the pool for long-term sustainability going forward. This is the reason why games such as VDC's are a worthwhile endeavor to get involved with.


Token Specifics: PMINE (IOST) pmine
Max supply: 20,000


All decisions are made by the group via polls. You have to hold at least one PMINE to have your vote count.Holders of 1-199 PMINE get one vote. For every 100 additional PMINE you hold, you get an additional vote, so at 200 you would have 2 votes, at 300 3 votes and so on.


Our aim is to have a variety of games, a DEX, a DeFi platform, a FOMO game, and much moreā€¦


Detailed expertise and several years of experience in the crypto and specifically the DAPP space allow our team to make good decisions regarding which platforms to pursue, and which ones to steer clear of. Our community will always be our top priority here at POWERMINE. We feel that if we help enough other people to succeed, our own success will surely follow.
Any specific questions you may have can be directed to our Telegram chat. Go ahead and come POWERMINE with us!