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Frequently Asked Questions

PER is a deflationary token on IOST that focuses on high liquidity and long-term growth.

Anyone that has their PMINE staked is elegible for PER Airdrops.

The PER Airdrop system uses halving, the starting amount of airdropped PER for every week is 175k PER and is halved every 200 days making the airdrop for PMINE holders perpetual.

PER can easily be transferred through Tokenpocket.

You can acquire PER by depositing IOST in the Perpetual Lobby or by buying it through PowerDeFi’s Uniswap.

PER has a built-in 2% transfer fee in every transaction which feeds the entire Perpetual Ecosystem, the distribution of the fee is the following (50% lobby, 25% PER Staking Pool, 25% is burnt).

The easiest way to sell PER is to sell it in PowerDeFi’s Uniswap.

In both pools you stake PER to receive rewards, the difference is that in one pool you’ll get IOST and in the other you’ll get PER.

The minimum timeframe for staking is 1 month with the maximum being indefinitely.

Penalty fees only apply when unstaking in either pool before the specified timeframe has ended. The penalties range from 10% (1 month stakes), up to 80% (indefinite stakes).

Penalties fees are distributed in the following way (50% lobby, 25% PER Staking Pool, 25% is burnt).

It depends on your personal strategy, the key thing to remember is that the longer you stake the more rewards you’ll receive but the early unstaking penalty will also be higher.

The formula used to calculate the loan rate offered is IOST balance of the contract divided by the total PER in circulation.

Yes, the 2% transfer fee applies to every transaction that happens with PER, including taking a loan, paying it back, staking and unstaking.

When taking a loan you select the timeframe for paying the loan which ranges between 1 month and 1 year, the longer the loan timeframe the higher interest that will have to be paid.

No, before the loan expires you’ll have to payback the principal + the interest, otherwise the loan will be considered as defaulted.

It’s burnt, destroyed, taken out of circulation forever.